Jon Wysocki, the founding drummer of the rock band Staind, passed away on May 18 at the age of 56. His current bandmates from Lydia’s Castle, Tonya LeeAnne and Cody Denton, confirmed his age and corrected misinformation regarding it. They expressed their sorrow and mentioned that Wysocki died surrounded by loved ones. Although the exact cause of death was not disclosed, friends had noted he was in the ICU with liver issues shortly before his passing.

Early Career and Rise to Fame with Staind

Jon Wysocki co-founded Staind in 1995 alongside singer Aaron Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok, and bassist Johnny April. Their first studio album, “Tormented,” was released in 1997. However, it was their major-label debut, “Dysfunction,” released in 1999 and co-produced by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, that brought them widespread recognition. The singles “Mudshovel” and “Home” highlighted the band’s versatility, blending metal and ballads, and propelled them into the limelight. Following the success of “Dysfunction,” Staind headlined the 1999 Family Values Tour with Limp Bizkit and performed alongside bands like Korn, the Crystal Method, Run-DMC, Primus, Sevendust, and Method Man and Redman.

Breakthrough Success and Departure from Staind

Staind’s third studio album, “Break the Cycle,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, driven by the hit single “It’s Been Awhile.” The album achieved five times platinum status, marking a peak in the band’s career. Wysocki remained with Staind until 2011, when he left amid reported tensions with Aaron Lewis. Lewis later acknowledged their friction while paying tribute to Wysocki on social media, highlighting their complex relationship and shared battles.

“I’m so sad. I lost my friend. A friend I loved like a brother… fought with like a brother,” Lewis wrote on X (formerly Twitter). The battles we fought side by side alone with our own demons. The battles we won and the battles we lost. He was my friend. He was our brother. My heart is broken. My world has changed.”

Tributes from the Music Community

Staind’s official Instagram account also honored Wysocki, reminiscing about their journey together since meeting in 1994 and forming the band in 1995. They reflected on the memories made over 17 years of practicing in Ludlow, Massachusetts, and touring globally. The band expressed their condolences to Wysocki’s family and fans.

After his departure from Staind, Wysocki briefly joined the band Soil, though he did not record any albums with them. Soil paid tribute to Wysocki, celebrating his time with the band and his qualities as a drummer and friend. “Today we lost one of the greats,” they posted on social media. “Jon Wysocki was not only a great friend, a great drummer, but a great human being. It was an honor to have him in SOiL for the time we did. We had so many laughs, so many good times.”

Later Years with Lydia’s Castle

Jon Wysocki's
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In 2021, Wysocki joined the Nashville-based band Lydia’s Castle, where he played until his death. The band shared a series of heartfelt photos of Wysocki with the band and fans on their Instagram account, commemorating his contribution and presence in the group.

A Legacy Remembered

Jon Wysocki’s impact on the rock and metal scenes through his work with Staind and his later projects is profound. His drumming helped define the sound of an era, and his memory lives on through the music he helped create and the lives he touched. His passing is a significant loss to the music community, but his legacy endures through his lasting contributions to the world of rock music.

Personal Reflections and Legacy

Jon Wysocki’s influence extended beyond his technical skills as a drummer. He was known for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to push the boundaries of his music. Fellow musicians and fans alike admired his passion and commitment, which shone through in every performance.

Reflections from Bandmates and Friends

Those who worked closely with Wysocki often spoke of his warm personality and sense of humor. Tonya LeeAnne and Cody Denton from Lydia’s Castle expressed their deep sorrow at his passing, highlighting how much he meant to them both personally and professionally. They shared fond memories of their time together, emphasizing how his positive energy and enthusiasm were contagious.

Aaron Lewis’s tribute on social media also underscored the deep bond the band members shared. Despite their disagreements and conflicts, there was a profound respect and love that remained. Lewis’s heartfelt words painted a picture of a brotherhood forged through both triumphs and trials.

Fans’ Tributes and Memories

Fans of Staind and Wysocki took to social media to share their condolences and memories. Many recalled attending Staind concerts where Wysocki’s drumming captivated the audience. His energetic performances and genuine connection with fans left a lasting impression on those who saw him live.

One fan wrote, “Jon’s drumming was the heartbeat of Staind. He had this incredible ability to make you feel every beat. He will be sorely missed.”

Continuing His Musical Journey

Even after his time with Staind, Jon Wysocki continued to pursue his passion for music. His stint with Soil, although brief, allowed him to explore new musical avenues. His involvement with Lydia’s Castle showcased his adaptability and continued relevance in the evolving rock scene. The band’s decision to share photos and memories of Wysocki is a testament to the impact he had in a short period with them.

Celebrating a Life in Music

Jon Wysocki’s life was a testament to the power of music to bring people together. His journey from the early days of Staind to his final performances with Lydia’s Castle illustrates a career filled with passion, creativity, and an enduring spirit. He was more than just a drummer; he was a pivotal part of a community that celebrated music and its ability to touch lives.

His legacy will live on through the music he helped create, the bands he played with, and the countless fans and friends who were inspired by his talent and kindness. While his loss is deeply felt, the memories of his contributions to the music world will continue to resonate.


Jon Wysocki’s death marks the end of an era for many who grew up listening to Staind and followed his career through various musical ventures. He leaves behind a rich legacy characterized by groundbreaking music, memorable performances, and a spirit that inspired those around him. As fans, friends, and family mourn his passing, they also celebrate the incredible journey he embarked on and the indelible mark he left on the rock music landscape.

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