Google recently released a comprehensive guide to help users craft effective prompts for their AI assistant, Gemini, within the Workspace suite. This handbook, titled Google’s Prompting Guide 101″ (April 2024 edition), empowers business professionals to leverage Gemini’s capabilities to streamline workflows and boost productivity. The guide encourages users to write prompts in natural language with complete sentences. Interestingly, it highlights that prompts averaging around 21 words tend to yield the most successful results.

Beyond the Basics: Tailoring Google’s Prompting Guide for Specific Roles

“Google’s Prompting Guide 101” goes a step further by offering tailored advice for various professions within Workspace, including:

  • Executives and Entrepreneurs: Crafting compelling presentations, drafting emails to investors, and generating market analysis reports.
  • Human Resources: Developing interview questions, streamlining onboarding processes, and composing performance reviews.
  • Customer Service: Formulating empathetic replies to customer inquiries and generating personalized email responses.
  • Marketing: Creating engaging social media content, writing persuasive ad copy, and summarizing website analytics data.
  • Project Management: Developing project plans, assigning tasks, and tracking progress reports.
  • Sales: Tailoring sales pitches to specific customer needs and generating personalized follow-up emails.

For each profession, the guide provides illustrative examples of effective prompts along with potential refinements to ensure optimal results.

Google’s Prompting Guide Refining Results Through Conversation

The Google’s Prompting Guide emphasizes that prompting is an iterative process. It encourages users to review Gemini’s outputs and provide follow-up prompts with additional details or adjustments as needed. This conversational approach allows for continuous refinement and ensures the final results align perfectly with your requirements.

By following the guidelines outlined in “Prompting Guide 101,” users can unlock the full potential of Gemini within Workspace 2024. This powerful tool can significantly enhance productivity and streamline workflows across various business functions.

Gemini may display inaccurate info, including about people, so double-check its response

At Cloud Next 2024, Google published a “prompting guide” for Gemini in Workspace, especially in Gmail and Docs.

Mastering the Art of the Google’s Prompting Guide

This handbook (April 2024 edition) identifies “four main areas to consider when writing an effective prompt”: 

  • Persona: Who you are
  • Task: What you need Gemini to do (write, summarize, change the tone, etc.)
  • Context: “Provide as much context as possible.” This could be a written description or referencing an existing document in Google Drive using the @-menu
  • Format: Bullet points, talking points, specifying character count limits,

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