Media icon Ricki Lake recently opened up about her remarkable weight loss journey, revealing that she successfully shed 35 pounds without resorting to medication. Lake, known for her candidness about her health struggles, spoke to “Good Morning America” about her transformation, attributing her newfound happiness to this significant lifestyle change.

Embracing Change and Finding Happiness:

Lake expressed feeling the best she has in her life, citing her newfound happiness alongside her husband as a driving force behind her weight loss journey. The couple, motivated by their desire for a healthier lifestyle, embarked on a joint effort to lose weight and chronicled their progress on Instagram.

Rejecting Medication for a Lifestyle Change:

At 55, Lake found herself in perimenopause, facing suggestions from a doctor to use medication to aid weight loss. However, she opted for a different path, choosing to embrace a lifestyle change instead. Rejecting the notion that medication was necessary for success, Ricki Lake and her husband committed to a regimen of intermittent fasting, the keto diet, and regular exercise, including Pilates.

Results and Joy of Transformation:

Media Mogul Ricki Lake Shares Inspirational Weight Loss Journey
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The dedication and hard work paid off, with Lake proudly announcing a weight loss of 35 pounds since October, paralleled by her husband’s impressive 40-pound loss. Lake emphasized that their journey was not just about losing weight but about embracing a lifestyle change that brought them immense joy and satisfaction. She described herself as being in the best shape of her life, radiating happiness and fulfillment.

Celebrating Success:

In a symbolic gesture of her achievement, Lake revisited iconic moments from her past, including donning her famous red swimsuit from a 2007 Us Weekly cover shoot and re-wearing a dress from the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Her Instagram post showcasing these moments reflected her joy and pride in her accomplishments.

Inspiring Others and Giving Back:

Burningham, Lake’s husband, praised her unwavering dedication and compared her pursuit of her goals to that of a determined dog chasing a bone. Lake, now energized by her transformation, channels her efforts into helping others through her involvement with Community Access, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals grappling with mental illness. This cause holds personal significance for Lake, who honors her late husband, Christian Evans, by advocating for mental health awareness and support.


Ricki Lake’s weight loss journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, commitment, and self-belief. By rejecting conventional approaches and embracing a lifestyle change, Lake not only transformed her physical health but also found profound happiness and purpose. Her story inspires others to embark on their own journeys towards positivity, gratitude, and self-improvement, echoing her mantra that happiness is achievable through hard work and perseverance.

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