London  Erik ten Hag has run out of time at Manchester United and is unlikely to be given another year at the helm, former United players say in the wake of Monday’s 4-0 Premier League thrashing at the hands of Crystal Palace.

Manchester United, one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world, has recently been under scrutiny due to the performance of their current manager, Erik ten Hag. Former players have expressed their concerns regarding Ten Hag’s suitability for the role, citing various reasons ranging from tactical decisions to lack of progress. In this article, we delve into the criticisms surrounding Ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United and explore the perspectives of both supporters and critics.

Introduction to Ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United

Erik ten Hag took charge as the manager of Manchester United amidst high expectations from fans and pundits alike. His impressive track record at Ajax, where he achieved considerable success both domestically and in European competitions, fueled optimism among the United faithful. However, as the seasons progressed, questions have arisen regarding his ability to replicate that success in the English Premier League.

Ten Hag’s managerial style and tactics

Known for his emphasis on possession-based football and high pressing, Ten Hag brought his distinctive style of play to Manchester United. He implemented a tactical system aimed at dominating possession and creating scoring opportunities through quick, incisive passing. While this approach has yielded positive results at times, it has also faced criticism for being overly predictable and susceptible to counterattacks.

Criticisms from former players

Criticisms from former players: Ten Hag
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Former players of Manchester United have been vocal in their criticism of Ten Hag’s management. They have pointed out deficiencies in various aspects of his approach, including team selection, in-game adjustments, and man-management skills. Some have questioned his ability to motivate and inspire players during crucial moments, leading to lackluster performances on the pitch.

Lack of progress under Ten Hag

Despite significant investment in the squad and resources, Manchester United has failed to achieve the desired level of success under Ten Hag’s leadership. The team’s inconsistent performances in the league and underwhelming results in cup competitions have raised doubts about his long-term suitability for the role. Supporters have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress and visible improvement under his tenure.

Comparison with previous managers

Comparisons have inevitably been drawn between Ten Hag and his predecessors at Manchester United. While some argue that he deserves more time to implement his vision and philosophy, others believe that he has failed to live up to the standards set by iconic figures such as Sir Alex Ferguson. The pressure to deliver immediate results in modern football has only intensified scrutiny on his performance.

Ten Hag’s response to criticism

In the face of mounting criticism, Erik ten Hag has remained steadfast in his belief in his methods and approach. He has defended his decisions and tactics in press conferences, citing the need for patience and time to build a successful team. However, his responses have done little to appease skeptics who question his ability to lead Manchester United to glory.

Supporters’ opinions on Ten Hag

The opinions among Manchester United supporters regarding Ten Hag are divided. While some remain optimistic about his potential to turn things around and lead the club to success, others have lost faith in his ability to deliver results. The vocal minority calling for his dismissal highlights the growing discontent among sections of the fanbase.

The importance of results in football management

In the cutthroat world of football management, results are paramount. Regardless of the style of play or philosophy adopted by a manager, ultimately, it is the outcomes on the pitch that define their legacy. Erik ten Hag’s future at Manchester United hinges on his ability to deliver positive results and meet the expectations of the club’s hierarchy and supporters alike.

Potential replacements for Ten Hag

As speculation surrounding Erik ten Hag’s future continues to mount, several names have been touted as potential replacements. From experienced Premier League managers to promising young coaches, Manchester United’s board faces a crucial decision regarding the next steward of the club. The appointment of the right candidate could herald a new era of success, while a wrong choice could further exacerbate the club’s woes.


In conclusion, Erik ten Hag finds himself under increasing pressure to deliver results at Manchester United. Former players’ criticisms, lack of progress, and divided opinions among supporters have created a challenging environment for the Dutchman. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on him to silence his critics and restore the club to its former glory.


Is Erik ten Hag the right man for Manchester United?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. While some believe in his vision and philosophy, others have doubts about his ability to deliver results.

What are the key criticisms against Ten Hag?

Former players have criticized his tactical decisions, team selection, and lack of progress in achieving success with Manchester United.

Are there any potential replacements for Ten Hag?

Several names have been mentioned in connection with the Manchester United managerial role, but no decision has been made as of yet.

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