On Monday night’s episode (May 6), the Team Reba standout stood up and delivered a cover of Boyz II Men’s ‘90s classic “I’ll Make Love to You,” a single that logged 14 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. HaVon did it justice, and made the song his own by blending power, pitch and soul.

Asher HaVon has been making waves on ‘The Voice’ with his captivating performances, and his recent rendition of a Boyz II Men classic has left audiences in awe. Let’s delve into his journey on the show and explore how his rendition of this iconic song garnered widespread praise and admiration.

Speaking in a package before the Lives, the Selma, Alabama native was glowing following rehearsals. “It was as big as I wanted it to be,” HaVon remarked. “I just hope that I make everybody proud, I just hope that you all feel my heart, and please, vote for me.”

Asher HaVon’s Journey on ‘The Voice’

From his initial audition, Asher HaVon has showcased his exceptional talent, earning him a coveted spot on ‘The Voice.’ Week after week, he has mesmerized both the judges and viewers with his powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence. His journey through the competition has been nothing short of remarkable, and each performance has solidified his status as a frontrunner.

Boyz II Men: A Musical Icon

Boyz II Men is synonymous with soulful harmonies and timeless R&B hits. With a career spanning decades, they have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Their smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with audiences worldwide, earning them countless accolades and a dedicated fan base.

Asher HaVon’s Cover Performance

For his latest performance, Asher HaVon chose to pay homage to Boyz II Men with a stunning cover of one of their most beloved songs. His rendition showcased his vocal range and emotional depth, capturing the essence of the original while infusing it with his own unique flair. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, he commanded attention, delivering a performance that was both soulful and captivating.

Comparison to Original Version

Comparison to Original Version
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While staying true to the essence of the original song, Asher HaVon brought his own interpretation to the table. His rendition showcased his individual style and artistry, earning praise from both the judges and Boyz II Men themselves. With his heartfelt delivery and impeccable vocal control, he breathed new life into the timeless classic, earning a standing ovation from the audience.

Social Media Buzz

Following his performance, social media platforms were abuzz with praise for Asher HaVon. His name trended worldwide as fans and viewers took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to express their admiration. Memorable moments from his performance were shared and reshaped, further solidifying his status as a fan favorite.

The Voice as a Launchpad

‘The Voice’ has served as a launchpad for many aspiring artists, propelling them to stardom and opening doors to endless opportunities. With his exceptional talent and captivating performances, Asher HaVon is poised to follow in the footsteps of past contestants who have achieved success beyond the show. As he continues to impress week after week, the future looks bright for this rising star.


Asher HaVon’s rendition of a Boyz II Men classic on ‘The Voice’ lives was nothing short of spectacular. With his soulful vocals and magnetic stage presence, he captivated audiences and earned widespread praise from fans and judges alike. As he continues on his journey through the competition, there’s no doubt that he will continue to impress with his raw talent and undeniable charisma.


Has Asher HaVon received any professional training in music?

While Asher HaVon’s exact musical background is not extensively documented, his performances on ‘The Voice’ suggest a high level of vocal training and natural talent.

How did Boyz II Men react to Asher HaVon’s cover of their song?

Boyz II Men members expressed their admiration for Asher HaVon’s rendition, praising his vocal abilities and interpretation of their classic hit.

What other songs has Asher HaVon performed on ‘The Voice’?

Asher HaVon has showcased his versatility by performing a variety of songs on ‘The Voice,’ ranging from soulful ballads to upbeat pop hits.

What sets Asher HaVon apart from other contestants on ‘The Voice’?

Asher HaVon’s standout vocals, stage presence, and ability to connect with the audience set him apart as a frontrunner in the competition.

What can we expect from Asher HaVon in the future?

With his talent and charisma, Asher HaVon poised for success ‘The Voice,’ and fans can anticipate exciting developments in music career.

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